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Phew!  It’s been a crazy week.  Over the last 5 days I have worked out a game plan.  It’s still rough but it’s a workable plan.  Based on what I am most comfortable with and have the most experience with, the best way I could think of to make $15,000 in 90 days was through real estate.  I have 2 rental properties and have bought and sold mobile homes in the past so I have some experience in real estate already.  Here is what I have accomplished in the first 5 days of the challenge:

-Found a realtor that I think I am comfortable and excited to be working with

-Met with that realtor in person and spent almost 3 hours looking at houses online and discussing what I was looking for and what we could offer each other in this venture.

-Picked out 10 properties that looked like they might be options on paper (under 100k asking price, with work that needed to be done to raise value)

-Drove to each of those properties and looked at the neighborhood and peeked in the windows.  This eliminated about half of the original 10

-Went and looked at a property that was being sold by owner to a cash buyer

-Made a tentative offer on the spot.  It was not accepted so I said thank you and moved on

-Contacted a number of different private lending institutions about getting financing other than a conventional loan

-went and looked at another property that was listed on MLS.  I am currently exploring options on this house

I feel like I have run a marathon but when I look back at the starting line it feels like I haven’t even left yet.  5 Days down, only 85 to go.